Establishment of ''Armath'' educational centers

0 AMD of 6.000.000 AMD

One of the strategic key directions of Javakhk Support Foundation (JAH) is the sphere of education and information technologies, and to facilitate its development we are establishing ArMat centers in Javakhk with the support of benefactors and partners.

This gives children the opportunity to study modern engineering, programming, and robotics for free, and creates prospects for them to stay and work in their native Javakhk.

There are already nine ArMat centers in Javakhk: in the villages of Akhalkalak, Ohia, Damala, Tsgaltbila, Olaverd, Ninotsminda, Bezhano, and Ozni.

The ArMat educational program gives children aged 10-17 an opportunity to learn modern professions in parallel with school and to learn programming, robotics, and 3D modeling for free. Approximately 700 schoolchildren from Javakhkch are currently attending ArMat centers. ArMat centers in the aforementioned communities were established in partnership with individual benefactors and organizations.

You can also join our activities by contributing and supporting the opening of another ArMat center in your hometown.

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